Pumpkin Patch


On the first day of Preschool the teachers announced that we would be going to the Pumpkin Patch. Each and every day for a month and a half, upon waking my 4 year old has asked if it’s Pumpkin Patch day, and each day I said no. Until last Thursday when I could finally say yes.

That lasted for about an hour until Preschool called and said that the Pumpkin Patch was cancelled because of the weather. Instead my son asked if I could go to preschool with him, because as it turns out he wasn’t excited about the Pumpkin Patch rather he was excited about spending time with me while he was at Preschool.

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Fourth Birthday

4th-making-a-life_4I really don’t know where the time went. One day he was a baby and the next he is 4. When I was in the midst of diapers, nap-time, breastfeeding, and spoon feeding I though that the baby days would never end. Days dragged on and I waited not so patiently for my husband to get home so that I could get a few moments to myself. Now with a preschooler and a child in grade 2 life revolves around school drop off and pick-ups. We will however, continue to celebrate each passing year as it marks the growth that we have all achieved and of course take loads of photographs.

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Third Times A Charm

Camping 19 Making A Life

After the first disastrous camping trip three years ago, I didn’t have it in me to try for a second time. When my husband decided to give it another go I wimped out and took our not quite 2-year-old home to sleep at night. Last year I used the “I have a brain tumour” excuse (which got me out of just about everything that I didn’t want to do) and we didn’t go. This year I took one for the family, pulled up my big girl panties and went camping.

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Bursting Bubbles

bubbles 9 making a lifeThe other day my son asked if we could paint. My answer to that question is usually an astounding YES. I wanted to switch it up a bit because I am running out of space for their master pieces. I usually let them paint on canvas but the downside is that the paintings aren’t easy to store or recycle. But the upside is that they take their time and are more dedicated than if I give them a piece of paper. These are a few of my favourites that I keep in my office. 

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Color Vibe

CB9We caught the Vibe this past weekend when my 7-year-old and I participated in a Color Vibe 5K run. Color Vibe or for those of us that are Canadian Colour Vibe is a 5K run with a splash of colour. We started the day by throwing handfuls of coloured powder at each other which was a fun experience to share with my son. At the start line you run through a cloud of coloured powder that is blasted at you by a leaf blower, we wore bandanas over our mouths and sunglasses to keep the power out of our eyes. The start line was the only place that we really needed the bandanas, but only because we were on the outside edges. If you were in the middle of the pack, then it probably wasn’t necessary at all.

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Birthday Books

photobooksWith the advent of digital photography, photos are snapped and lost into the black hole of technology. Some of us do not ever get the photos out of the camera, and some transfer them to computers but then do little with them. The other day I looked for photos that I took last October at the pumpkin patch, and I could not find them. I could not even remember which camera I took them with. I know I took them but finding them has proven to be a challenge. Continue reading

Runaway Kindness

SI was reminded this morning of my worst parenting experience. Four years ago, I was 7 months pregnant, and having just entered the last trimester, I was exhausted. It was a Friday afternoon and my husband had just come home from work early. He had been to the doctors earlier in the day and needed a prescription. I was lying in bed reading a book when he got home. He told me that he was going to run out to the pharmacy and get the prescription filled. My oldest who was three started crying, as his dad got ready to go. He really wanted to go with him, but he was still wearing his PJ’s.

Even though it was close to five o’clock, I had failed to get him dressed because on this particular day we didn’t leave the house. I was barely dressed myself with yoga pants and a t-shirt. At this point in my pregnancy, bras were strictly for public appearances, and I had no plans to venture into public. Continue reading