Camping Take 2

For anyone that read my blog about our first camping experience, you might be questioning my judgement right about now.  But rest assured I am a fast learner.  For starters we camped 25 minutes from home at Goldstream Provincial Park which is very kid friendly, more so than Gordon Bay Provincial Park on Lake Cowichan.  Stanko and Sasha headed up to set up camp while Logan napped and I finished work on Friday.  Logan and I arrived once everything was setup, and Stanko was cooking dinner.  After dinner we played in the playground.

Then Logan and I packed up and went home to our warm clean beds, hot showers, electricity and flush toilets.  Told you I was a fast learner.  If it wasn’t for the smoke detector going off at 12:30 (no fire) and my little toddler padding around the house at 2:00am, it would have been perfect.

master 2

The next day Logan and I headed up to the campsite to see how our campers made out, and to bring the many items that they had forgotten.  We had a little bike ride, and then I left for a massage appointment.  Now this is the type of camping I like.

After a trip to the mall for a little shopping I headed back to the camp ground in time for dinner.  We ate and went for a little hike.

After our hike we roasted marshmallows over the BBQ because there was a fire ban on but what’s camping without the traditional smores.  What a great camping trip!  Maybe once Logan is old enough to enjoy sleeping in a tent I will be forced to once again, but until then I am loving this style of camping.


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