Third Times A Charm

Camping 19 Making A Life

After the first disastrous camping trip three years ago, I didn’t have it in me to try for a second time. When my husband decided to give it another go I wimped out and took our not quite 2-year-old home to sleep at night. Last year I used the “I have a brain tumour” excuse (which got me out of just about everything that I didn’t want to do) and we didn’t go. This year I took one for the family, pulled up my big girl panties and went camping.

I have nothing against camping, I just like to sleep in a real bed. I am also a big fan of running water and electricity. But my husband and our kids love camping, and I hate to miss out on the potential for fun. We camped at Goldstream Provincial Park which has a great playground, evening entertainment, flush toilets, hot showers and a bike obstacle course. An added bonus was that there wasn’t a camp fire ban. Camp fires make camping much more fun. I also learned that my husband is the best marshmallow roaster I have ever met! The kids loved their first experience with sparklers as well. I am happy to report that we had our first successful camping trip, the third time really is a charm.

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