Twelfth Day – Christmas Crafting 2021

That’s a wrap on Christmas 2021. All that’s left is the dishes. Good thing I have a few new dish clothes to clean up the mess.

Eleventh day – Christmas Crafting 2021

A year ago we were having a quarantine Christmas and I was hanging out with my quarantine crew. Fast forward a year and it feels pretty similar. I am happy that my 2020 crew is also my 2021 crew for part 2.

Ninth Day – Christmas Crafting 2021

With all of the knitting I do I end up with a lot of tiny leftovers. Even though I throughly enjoy playing yarn chicken (trying to finish a project with just enough yarn), I still end up with more leftover bits than I would like. These tassel ornaments are a great way to use up the yarn ends.

Eighth Day – Christmas Crafting

I started running years ago and found in the winter my ears would get cold. I ran in a toque but I got too warm. So one night before I was running the next day whipped up a headband and I have been wearing the same one ever since.

Running is the ultimate jiggle test, for many things. But in the context of this post I’m talking headbands. It doesn’t slip and if I sweat it doesn’t get wet because of the magic of wool. At some point I’ll write up the pattern but until then you are welcome to buy them from my Etsy shop 😉.

Seventh Day – Christmas Crafting 2021

One year ago we picked up a puppy. Our first puppy. He has grown to be a big part of this family. He is gentle with the kids, loves to play games and is always up for a walk or a piece of cheese. Celebrating one year with Mojo today with his own ornament.

Sixth Day – Christmas Crafting 2021

I saw these naked nutcrackers at the craft store and was inspired to deck them out in holiday style. I painted them while watching many Christmas movies sitting beside the Christmas tree. The Christmas spirit is finally starting to creep in.

Fifth day – Christmas Crafting 2021

When I first started making as a pre-teen cross stitch was my craft. I made & sold lots of ornaments. I also have many cross stitch ornaments on the tree that were made for me by my mom. So when I saw these wooden cross stitch blanks I was inspired.

Each year I make an ornament for my kids in the hopes that when they have their own trees they will bring a little of our traditions into their homes. This year building on my childhood they are getting these cross stitch ornaments.

Fourth Day – Christmas Crafting 2021

I remember the first time we went and made clay pieces as a family. Our youngest was about 5 which was the minimum age and for a good reason. It was hard building clay creations and helping the kids with every step. I look back and remember it being a stressful outing. But totally worth it as I watch the kids proudly take their clay trees out and display them each year.

Each year we have made family clay crafts it gets a little easier. Maybe it’s because we are all a little older, or maybe it’s because we are all getting a bit better. This year required very little parental involvement which I think is good for all of us.

At Christmas our home is decorated with all of our handmade decorations and ornaments. We are Making A Life and making memories one stressful clay making session at a time.

Third Day – Christmas Crafting 2021

I’m not sure about you but I’m starting to feel “jolly AF”, at least when drinking. A few years ago I’d open a bottle of wine and drink the whole thing myself. Not in one sitting. Not in one day and not directly from the bottle. But if I opened it, I’d know I would have to finish it.

Then one day my husband decided wine was the new best thing. Obviously I already knew that! Neither of us can keep tabs on our wine glasses so this gives me a fighting chance to know which one is mine. While he will drink my wine, it’s doubtful he will use these glasses.

Which one is your favourite? I couldn’t decide which is why I now have a 1/2 dozen new festive wine glasses.

1. Jingle Juice

2. Jolly AF

3. Holiday Cheer

4. Tipsy & Bright

5. So Freaking Merry

6. Making Spirits Bright

Second Day – Christmas Crafting 2021

I have created a few new ornaments to represent the year. I made these for my girlfriends and slipped a few into Christmas cards this year. Of course I will reserve a set of four for our tree. Here’s hoping next Christmas Covid will be a pandemic of the past.