Christmas Crafts – Day 3

On the first day of Christmas my true love made for me…an ornament wreath.

On the second day of Christmas my true loves made with me…mugs.

We have two plum trees in our yard that are big fruit producers. This past summer we picked 60 pounds of plums! What on earth do you do with 60 pounds of plums as a family of four. We gave 30 pounds away to anyone that would take them. I pushed plums on neighbours, friends and co-workers for weeks.

And with the rest, we saved for the third day of Christmas when my true love made for me……

Plum wine. MMMM, wine.

Want to make wine?

I went to a local wine making shop with 30 lbs of pitted frozen plums in September. They did a little wine magic and 3 months later there was a huge jug of wine ready to bottle. I bottled it and labelled it and voila 30 bottles of wine ready for consumption.

If plum wine isn’t your thing, wine making shops have different wine kits that you can buy. It’s not difficult or expensive.


Wino Wednesday

I LOVE wine, who is with me?  Yesterday I posted how to make a pillow from a dress shirt, today I am going to reuse the sleeves.  Have you ever been caught drinking wine from a paper bag?  Me neither but if I am going to go that route I think I will class it up a little bit with these shirt sleeve wine bags.  But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t mind getting a bottle of wine in a reusable bag such as these.  Who am I kidding if you are giving out wine I am taking it in any form.

Should you have an extra shirt that you don’t need the sleeves for try making one of these wine bottle covers.

Step 1.  With a wine bottle, full or empty your choice, measure the length of the desired wine bag.  Yes that’s right, use a wine bottle as a measuring device.  Forget the measure twice cut once rule just this one time.








Step 2.  Cut off the sleeves so that the bottle will fit.









Step 3.  Turn the sleeve inside out

Step 4.  Pin the edge you just cut

pin 2







Step 5.  Sew the edge closed.

Step 6.  Put the bottle in the bag, close up the buttons.  You could make it fancy by tying a ribbon.

party time










Keep crafting, creating and drinking?

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