Caron Cake Cookies Cream Shawl

When I decide to knit, or crochet a new project I can be inspired by an image on Ravelry or Pinterest or by the yarn itself. Believe it or not, I am known to wonder the aisles of a craft store, so much so that I am known to the staff. One of them even thought that it would be a good idea for me to get a job there because I was in there all the time anyway. It’s logical I will give her that. While wondering I always check out the sales on yarn, and this is when I picked up a Cookies Cream Caron Cake. I know it sounds like it should be in the cake decorating aisle, but it’s yarn. Inspired by the yarn I decided to knit my first shawl.

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Christmas Crafting – Day 8

For a while I was on a sock knitting kick. When I determined that I had enough pairs of knit socks, I moved on to finger less gloves. Same yarn different body part. On the eighth day of Christmas my true love knit for me…Fingerless Gloves. If you want to make some, the pattern can be found here. I shortened the pattern a little bit based on the amount of yarn I had. If you want to buy these, click here.


Knitting Season

knitting-season-2_making-a-lifeToday is the first day of fall and the first day of knitting season. I don’t know about you but I take a hiatus from yarn based projects during the warm weather. But now that its getting chilly outside I am motivated to make things that keep me warm. I was digging in the craft closet and came out with a whole box of sock yarn, which should keep me busy for a long time.

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Warm and Cozy

There is nothing quite like knitting a warm cozy blanket in the winter. Last week I wrote about a crochet project that I had worked on for 2 years (even I can’t believe it), in contrast I made this blanket in only a few days over the Christmas break. There are a few differences that account for the speed. This blanket is a bit smaller, and is knit with big think yarn which makes larger stitches per inch. Even better than knitting a blanket in the winter is snuggling under it with a cup of tea in a handmade mug of course and a magazine. Pure luxury!

Just for me

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you probably notice that I make craft projects for other people often. Even when I decide to make something for myself frequently someone tells me how much they like it and somehow it becomes theirs. I am an advocate of the handmade and prefer to gift handmade objects.

One of my friends gave me yarn for Christmas this year with the implicit instructions to make something for myself. She knows me a little too well. The yarn that she gave me was beautiful but I was already making myself a pair of finger-less gloves. I might have to turn the yarn that she gifted me into a pair of socks. No one in my house will steal them because they will have a bit of pink in them.

If you think that these are as great as I do here is a link to the pattern. I think that I was sucked in by the pretty pictures with the pattern and I have made an effort to duplicate it but I didn’t really do them justice.

P.S. In case you were wondering those are my real hands and my nails are real. I just have to throw it out there but I take zero credit, because it’s all in the genes. Some people get skinny genes, some people get good nail genes. I only got the good nail genes.