Twelve days of Christmas – Day Twelve

Yippee, I made it through the twelve days of Christmas crafting. Today on day 12 I’m modelling my tall hibernating socks. Knit from a uneek sock kit, in colourway 60. I will be lounging in these socks over the holidays.

Have a very Merry Christmas!



October is the month that the wool socks come out. I don’t like wearing socks, I am convinced that it’s genetic. My dad has gone so far as buying a place in Florida so that he doesn’t have to wear socks year round. I don’t blame him. My youngest doesn’t like socks either, he wears them only when leaving the house and even that varies. We got to preschool the other day and he was wearing one lonely sock. His version of a compromise I am sure.

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Knitting Season

knitting-season-2_making-a-lifeToday is the first day of fall and the first day of knitting season. I don’t know about you but I take a hiatus from yarn based projects during the warm weather. But now that its getting chilly outside I am motivated to make things that keep me warm. I was digging in the craft closet and came out with a whole box of sock yarn, which should keep me busy for a long time.

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Sock it to me

My feet are always cold. Even when I am wearing socks my feet are cold sometimes. It’s grey rainy and cold here so I can think of nothing better than colourful wool socks to keep my feet warm. It took me a few weeks to make these. I knit when I watch TV or lectures for school and occasionally when I am out and about. The time invested is totally worth it, as long as I don’t accidentally shrink them in the wash.

These aren’t exactly matching but they are from the same yarn. Matchy, matchy is totally overrated. I think the pattern adds to the fun. I am sure that my sister who never wears matching socks would approve!

Love Socks

Today is our 4th second anniversary for 2014 which sounds complicated.  We were legally married in Canada and then went and got married in Mexico with our friends and family (my mom sent me this great collage today of pictures from the wedding).  Looking at these pictures today I am longing for the beach but I will have to settle for Café Mexico for dinner.  Today is our Mexican wedding anniversary and to celebrate I made my husband love socks.  We both happen to have the same initials and not because I took his last name, it just worked out that way which is why both feet have SP in the hearts.  It’s getting to be the time of year that wool socks are so warm and cozy inside winter boots (or rain boots if you live on the west coast of Canada) so I thought he might like a pair of warm woolly socks branded with my initials or his or both depending on his mood.  Cheers to love and hand knit wool socks seems like a great combination to me.

New Year, New Socks

socksI am kicking off the new year with these socks that I finished on New Years Eve day.  These socks are a wool cashmere blend and are pure luxury on my feet.  These are the first pair of hand knit socks that I have worn and had I known how wonderful handknit socks would feel I would have made myself some long ago.  Sasha is begging for a matching pair because he out grew the ones I made him last year.  As I was knitting them he kept telling me that pink is a boy colour too, so he would like a matching pair in his size.  I think all along that he knew how comfy they were, and doesn’t care what they look like.  The only downside is that they are SUPER slippery on our hardwood floors, so the next post might be that I have broken my leg wearing my wonderful socks, fingers crossed that I maintain upright walking posture.

I started knitting just over a year ago, and it’s fair to say that I am now an intermediate knitter.  I haven’t attempted cables or much multi-colour pattern work nor do I have interest in doing so.  So I am thinking that it might be time for a new hobby…  It’s the new year and I need a new crafting hobby.  I am thinking that I will learn how to crochet this year, it’s not that much of stretch from knitting but I already have the supplies.  I will keep you posted on my progress.