October is the month that the wool socks come out. I don’t like wearing socks, I am convinced that it’s genetic. My dad has gone so far as buying a place in Florida so that he doesn’t have to wear socks year round. I don’t blame him. My youngest doesn’t like socks either, he wears them only when leaving the house and even that varies. We got to preschool the other day and he was wearing one lonely sock. His version of a compromise I am sure.

Flip flop season is my favourite but in Canada it can’t last all year. At this point I can’t really live part of year somewhere sunny and warm but it’s tempting. So I resort to wearing socks. If you also really dislike socks I know you feel me, but if socks are your thing, I get it, you think I’m nuts. Either way socks are here to stay at least until spring. To get myself excited to put on socks everyday I guilt myself into it. Knitting socks is a lot of work, especially if you have big feet like I do.

For a pretty average height sock which is about 16″ from toe to cuff, it takes it about 16 hours of knitting, maybe a little more. I don’t want to actually know because like childbirth I may never do it again. Each sock requires about 192 rows, with 62 stitches on average per row, for a total of 11,904 stitches per sock. That’s a lot of stitches, and here’s the kicker, you need to repeat the whole process to get the second one. After 23,808 stitches I can’t possibly let those socks sit idle in a drawer, and this is how I guilt myself into putting socks on. Plus have you ever worn socks that have been made perfectly for your feet? It’s amazing.

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