Cold blooded

Hi! It’s been a while. I started a new job in January and then another new job in June. My days have been blurring together meeting new people and learning my roles within both organizations. But I have been crafting too.

I’m married and share a bed with my husband. My husband sweats in the middle of winter sleeping in his underwear, and I wear a toque, gloves, wool socks and long underwear and am still cold. This poses a little issue for us. How do we share a blanket?

I knit this 10 stitch blanket to solve my problem. It’s a blanket only for me which is a wool blend and goes only on my side.

Warm and Cozy

There is nothing quite like knitting a warm cozy blanket in the winter. Last week I wrote about a crochet project that I had worked on for 2 years (even I can’t believe it), in contrast I made this blanket in only a few days over the Christmas break. There are a few differences that account for the speed. This blanket is a bit smaller, and is knit with big think yarn which makes larger stitches per inch. Even better than knitting a blanket in the winter is snuggling under it with a cup of tea in a handmade mug of course and a magazine. Pure luxury!


IMGP9372There is a chill in the air and all of the trees have lost their leaves. Fall is here. My youngest has begun to point out nests in the naked trees. He tells me that the birds are snuggled in their nests making candies. If only that was true. He has been making nests around the house and snuggling in with his stuffies. I am taking my cues from him these days and fluffing up my own nest.

I spend too much time browsing on Pinterest! I saw a picture of chunky knit blanket that I had to make. The problem was that I couldn’t find knitting needles long and thick enough. I wanted to make a king size chunky knit blanket and I wasn’t about to start knitting with 3′ long needles. Although come to think of it I probably could have tried knitting with the kids light sabers!

practiceI wasn’t going to let something as trivial as not having the right size needles stop me, so I made a pair. Using a pair of purchased 50mm short knitting needles (pictured) I cut them down drilled holes in the ends, tapered the cut ends, inserted and glued a rope, taped the rope to the needles and voila circular needles long enough to knit a king size blanket.

This was the biggest knit project that I have ever attempted. I learned a few things in the process. First off this project worked my arm muscles! I was sore after knitting because the blanket and yarn are so heavy. It was next to impossible to knit sitting in a chair because the blanket was so big it would spill over onto the floor and then it was really hard to get the tension right. Sitting in bed was the perfect place to work on this blanket so that the weight could be spread out over an even surface. It is only a little luxurious to knit and be warm and cozy under your project at the same time.

Pattern to follow

Valentine’s Day Blankets

heart 1heart 3

I saw a super cute picture of a blanket with a heart on it so I searched Ravelry and Pinterest for a pattern and came up empty, so I used a plain blanket pattern and incorporated a heart.  This is the perfect Valentine’s gift for my two littlest loves.  I hope they get lots of snuggles in these warm wooly blankets.

You can find instructions below. Enjoy! Check out the knitting tab above for more knitting projects.

This pattern is intended for personal use only. I offer this pattern for free but I request that you do not sell it or any product made from it.

Valentine’s Day Blanket


  • 18oz (3 balls) Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman
  • 6oz (1 ball) Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Navy
  • 13(9mm) knitting needles

The Pattern

Cast on 75 stitches.  When introducing the alternate colour (AC) carry the unused yarn along the wrong side.  Wrap it while knitting with the active colour to carry it.  Keep the unused yarn relaxed while carrying it and don’t pull, or the project will become distorted.

Row 1-9: Knit

Row 10: K6, P63, K6

Row 11: Knit

Row 12-26: repeat Rows 10-11

Row 27: Knit

Row 28: K6, P31, P1 Alternate colour (AC), P31, K6

Row 29: K37, K1AC, K37

Row 30:  K6, P30, P3AC, P30, K6

Row 31: K36, K3AC, K36

Row 32: K6, P29, P5AC, P29, K6

Row 33: K35, K5AC, K35

Row 34: K6, P28, P7AC, P28, K6

Row 35: K34, K7AC, K34

Row 36: K6, P27, P9AC, P27, K6

Row 37: K33, K9AC, K33

Row 38: K6, P26, P11AC, P26, K6

Row 39: K32, K11AC, K32

Row 40: K6, P25, P13AC, P25, K6

Row 41: K31, K13AC, K31

Row 42: K6, P24, P15AC, P24, K6

Row 43: K30, K15AC, K30

Row 44: K6, P23, P17AC, P23, K6

Row 45: K29, K17AC, K29

Row 46: K6, P22, P19AC, P22, K6

Row 47: K28, K19AC, K28

Row 48: K6, P21, P21AC, P21, K6

Row 49: K27, K21AC, K27

Row 50: K6, P20, P23AC, P20, K6

Row 51: K26, K23AC, K26

Row 52: K6, P19, P25AC, P19, K6

Row 53: K25, K25AC, K25

Row 54: K6, P18, P27AC, P18, K6

Row 55: K24, K27AC, K24

Row 56-57: repeat row 54-55

Row 58: K6, P19, P12AC, P1, P12AC, P19, K6

Row 59: K25, K12AC, K1, K12AC, K25

Row 60: K6, P20, P10AC, P3, P10AC, P20, K6

Row 61: K26, K10AC, K3, K10AC, K26

Row 62: K6, P21, P8AC, P5, P8AC, P21, K6

Row 63: K27, K8AC, K5, K8AC, K27

Row 64: K6, P63, K6

Row 65: Knit

Row 66-80: Repeat Rows 64-65

Row 81: K6 P63, K6

Row 82-90: Knit

Row 91: Cast off

View of the heart from the back.


Happy knitting, crafting and creating.