Valentine’s Day Blankets

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I saw a super cute picture of a blanket with a heart on it so I searched Ravelry and Pinterest for a pattern and came up empty, so I used a plain blanket pattern and incorporated a heart.  This is the perfect Valentine’s gift for my two littlest loves.  I hope they get lots of snuggles in these warm wooly blankets.

You can find instructions below. Enjoy! Check out the knitting tab above for more knitting projects.

This pattern is intended for personal use only. I offer this pattern for free but I request that you do not sell it or any product made from it.

Valentine’s Day Blanket


  • 18oz (3 balls) Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman
  • 6oz (1 ball) Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Navy
  • 13(9mm) knitting needles

The Pattern

Cast on 75 stitches.  When introducing the alternate colour (AC) carry the unused yarn along the wrong side.  Wrap it while knitting with the active colour to carry it.  Keep the unused yarn relaxed while carrying it and don’t pull, or the project will become distorted.

Row 1-9: Knit

Row 10: K6, P63, K6

Row 11: Knit

Row 12-26: repeat Rows 10-11

Row 27: Knit

Row 28: K6, P31, P1 Alternate colour (AC), P31, K6

Row 29: K37, K1AC, K37

Row 30:  K6, P30, P3AC, P30, K6

Row 31: K36, K3AC, K36

Row 32: K6, P29, P5AC, P29, K6

Row 33: K35, K5AC, K35

Row 34: K6, P28, P7AC, P28, K6

Row 35: K34, K7AC, K34

Row 36: K6, P27, P9AC, P27, K6

Row 37: K33, K9AC, K33

Row 38: K6, P26, P11AC, P26, K6

Row 39: K32, K11AC, K32

Row 40: K6, P25, P13AC, P25, K6

Row 41: K31, K13AC, K31

Row 42: K6, P24, P15AC, P24, K6

Row 43: K30, K15AC, K30

Row 44: K6, P23, P17AC, P23, K6

Row 45: K29, K17AC, K29

Row 46: K6, P22, P19AC, P22, K6

Row 47: K28, K19AC, K28

Row 48: K6, P21, P21AC, P21, K6

Row 49: K27, K21AC, K27

Row 50: K6, P20, P23AC, P20, K6

Row 51: K26, K23AC, K26

Row 52: K6, P19, P25AC, P19, K6

Row 53: K25, K25AC, K25

Row 54: K6, P18, P27AC, P18, K6

Row 55: K24, K27AC, K24

Row 56-57: repeat row 54-55

Row 58: K6, P19, P12AC, P1, P12AC, P19, K6

Row 59: K25, K12AC, K1, K12AC, K25

Row 60: K6, P20, P10AC, P3, P10AC, P20, K6

Row 61: K26, K10AC, K3, K10AC, K26

Row 62: K6, P21, P8AC, P5, P8AC, P21, K6

Row 63: K27, K8AC, K5, K8AC, K27

Row 64: K6, P63, K6

Row 65: Knit

Row 66-80: Repeat Rows 64-65

Row 81: K6 P63, K6

Row 82-90: Knit

Row 91: Cast off

View of the heart from the back.


Happy knitting, crafting and creating.