Color Vibe

CB9We caught the Vibe this past weekend when my 7-year-old and I participated in a Color Vibe 5K run. Color Vibe or for those of us that are Canadian Colour Vibe is a 5K run with a splash of colour. We started the day by throwing handfuls of coloured powder at each other which was a fun experience to share with my son. At the start line you run through a cloud of coloured powder that is blasted at you by a leaf blower, we wore bandanas over our mouths and sunglasses to keep the power out of our eyes. The start line was the only place that we really needed the bandanas, but only because we were on the outside edges. If you were in the middle of the pack, then it probably wasn’t necessary at all.

We ran through the streets covered in coloured powder and through another 4 colour stations during the 5K, it was lots of fun. As you run the colour falls off so the additional colour stations helped keep us looking like the masterpieces we were. There were even people rolling in the street at the colour stations. Barrel rolling in the street is where I draw the line! After the race there was a dance party, which had it involved alcohol I might have been into, but at 10am a dance party isn’t my scene. For the record a 10pm dance party isn’t really my thing either.
Word of warning, even if you aren’t barrel rolling the coloured powder does get everywhere and I mean everywhere. It’s a good idea to bring something to sit on in the car for the ride home. When I took my shoes and socks off it was between my toes, add in a little sweat and you can paint with your toes.


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