Who doesn’t love a resolution that involves new shoes?

The beginning of the year can be filled with pressure for some people as they resolve to change and change can be hard. In past years I have had some lofty resolutions none of which I ever followed through on, but for the last three years I have had more success. Part of the success has to do with making sure that I have the right tools to easily follow through on my resolutions.

Three years ago I resolved to listen to more music because it makes me happy. It was a pretty simple resolution, and to be successful I got myself setup with wireless speakers, and a Spotify account. Three years later, I am still listening to music.

Two years ago I resolved to spend more weekend time with my family, to do that I addressed the issues that were hindering my ability to have free time of the weekend. The main culprit was cleaning, so I resolved to pay someone to clean my house. Best resolution ever.

Last year I resolved to run because I have 2 feet and a heartbeat. This was by far the toughest resolution that I have kept up for an entire year. I have completed 3-5K races, 2-10K races and one half marathon. I have run 584 kilometers during 103 running outings in the last 365 days. It wasn’t easy,  but I did it, even Saturday mornings at 8am when I would much rather be in bed. There were many many days that I did not feel like running, but once I did I was glad I stuck with it. I joined a running group in January, downloaded the app Runtracker, and bought new shoes.

This year I am going to opt for an easier resolution. I need to sleep more. I am a night owl. My favourite time of day is when everyone else is asleep. I knit in bed before I go to sleep and sometimes get wrapped up in just finishing the row, or piece, or section…. But I also appreciate a good night sleep, which I can’t get if I’m not turning off the lights until after midnight. I have my fitbit to track my sleep, and I might use this as an excuse to get new sheets, pillows and maybe even a new bed.

What are you resolving to change in 2020?




Color Vibe

CB9We caught the Vibe this past weekend when my 7-year-old and I participated in a Color Vibe 5K run. Color Vibe or for those of us that are Canadian Colour Vibe is a 5K run with a splash of colour. We started the day by throwing handfuls of coloured powder at each other which was a fun experience to share with my son. At the start line you run through a cloud of coloured powder that is blasted at you by a leaf blower, we wore bandanas over our mouths and sunglasses to keep the power out of our eyes. The start line was the only place that we really needed the bandanas, but only because we were on the outside edges. If you were in the middle of the pack, then it probably wasn’t necessary at all.

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