Bursting Bubbles

bubbles 9 making a lifeThe other day my son asked if we could paint. My answer to that question is usually an astounding YES. I wanted to switch it up a bit because I am running out of space for their master pieces. I usually let them paint on canvas but the downside is that the paintings aren’t easy to store or recycle. But the upside is that they take their time and are more dedicated than if I give them a piece of paper. These are a few of my favourites that I keep in my office. 

Kids painting

Instead of canvas and acrylics we took advantage of the weather and painted outside with bubbles. I happened to have some water colour paper on hand (1450lb worked best), liquid food colouring and bubbles. You can play with the ratio of food colouring to bubbles. The more food colouring the brighter the painting, but at some point the dye starts to breakdown the bubbles.

I used plastic bowls in the same colour as the food colouring, and a different bubble wand for each colour. We had an assortment of bubble wands that made bubbles of different shapes and sizes. Ideally you do this in a large outdoor space on a day without too much wind.


As with most crafts that we try I was more engaged than the kids. My youngest tried it, got covered in blue dye and quit. My oldest made two paintings and lasted about 45 minutes. I was out there much longer practicing my bubble bursting technique. We will probably try it again because it mixed art with a little science, plus it was fun.


If you try painting with bubbles send some pictures, I would love to see your creations.

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