Pumpkin Patch


On the first day of Preschool the teachers announced that we would be going to the Pumpkin Patch. Each and every day for a month and a half, upon waking my 4 year old has asked if it’s Pumpkin Patch day, and each day I said no. Until last Thursday when I could finally say yes.

That lasted for about an hour until Preschool called and said that the Pumpkin Patch was cancelled because of the weather. Instead my son asked if I could go to preschool with him, because as it turns out he wasn’t excited about the Pumpkin Patch rather he was excited about spending time with me while he was at Preschool.

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Giveaway – Pumpkin Hat

Pumpkin hat I am feeling in the giving mood today.  If you would like to win a custom knit pumpkin hat please:

1) Like Making a Life on Facebook – Click on the Facebook box on the right hand side of this blog post

2) Share the post on your facebook feed

3) Post the size that you would like as a comment on the facebook post, or the age of the person that it is for

I will do a random draw once I reach 100 likes on Facebook.

My boys in their pumpkin hats last year.

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