Birthday Books

photobooksWith the advent of digital photography, photos are snapped and lost into the black hole of technology. Some of us do not ever get the photos out of the camera, and some transfer them to computers but then do little with them. The other day I looked for photos that I took last October at the pumpkin patch, and I could not find them. I could not even remember which camera I took them with. I know I took them but finding them has proven to be a challenge.

I have a system that I use to store photos. It is not very technologically advanced, and it only works if you actually move the photos from the device you shot them with on to a computer (see above). I make a folder for every month labelled by the month (12) and the year (1). The 12 monthly folders are stored inside the year folder. All of the photos we shoot on every device are supposed to find their way to the monthly folders. Then twice a year (close to my kid’s birthdays), I go through edit them, and upload them to a photo site with the intention of making a photo book. After a year has passed, I archive the photos and remove them from my computer.

I aim to make a photo book for each child for each year, which spans from one birthday to the next. I try and make them chronological, and do special pages for trips and holidays. My oldest son’s birthday was in March, I ordered his last book at the end of May and it just arrived. At least once a year I go through all of the birthday books and marvel at how far we have all come. I hope to be old and grey (who am I kidding I am already grey) with grandkids on my lap (if I still have one) flipping through these books telling stories about their parents.  How’s that for planning for the future!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Books

  1. Kristy June 24, 2016 / 6:11 pm

    Love it! That is my summer project… Except I have some catching up to do… Close to 8 years of catching up!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • spaleksic June 26, 2016 / 6:02 pm

      Thanks Cindy, I hope that they love them as much as my kids do.


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