Birthday Books

photobooksWith the advent of digital photography, photos are snapped and lost into the black hole of technology. Some of us do not ever get the photos out of the camera, and some transfer them to computers but then do little with them. The other day I looked for photos that I took last October at the pumpkin patch, and I could not find them. I could not even remember which camera I took them with. I know I took them but finding them has proven to be a challenge. Continue reading

Photo Books

Print Image  010I have been creating photo books for my kids every year just after their birthday to commemorate the previous year.  It’s a great exercise to reflect on the growth of the kids.  It’s also a great reason to sort and organize those photos that would otherwise get lost in computer land.  I attempt to highlight family trips, holidays, birthday’s and the personality of the kids.  I think that they are a great keepsake, and an update on my parent’s tradition of photo albums.  I also love that my favourite photos of the kids are archived on the Shutterfly website.  Sasha loves that there are books just about him and I am sure in time Logan will too.

Here are a couple of tips I have learned over the last couple of years while making these books.  When I download my camera photos to my computer I save them in folders by the month, so all of the March 2014 photos are saved to a folder called March 2014 (simple right).  Then I sort the photos in each folder and save the “good” photos as MAR 1, 2, 3 ect.  Once I have 12 months worth of photos sorted and edited I upload them to Shutterfly (the website of my choice for photo books).  Naming the photos by month gives me a good shot at getting them in the order that they were taken, and makes the process of adding them to the book faster.  I use Shutterfly because they often have great deals on prints and photo books, great deals like free prints and 50% photo books.  This book cost me $31.50 CAD including shipping.  I ordered this book yesterday and it is already in the mail to me, so it’s also pretty quick.  This is not an ad for Shutterfly, just my opinion.

Below is a link to the most recent book about Sasha.