Peach and Rat Season

It’s that time of year again, the peaches are almost ready. I better not see any rats!

Making A Life

peaches1Three years ago we bought the house in the city with a yard slightly bigger than a postage stamp.  We moved in at the middle of August and on the third day while I was cleaning a paint tray in the kitchen sink I looked out the window and saw a rat.  A huge ugly long-tailed rat sitting on the kitchen window sill.  I freaked out, completely.  After calling my husband to observe the rat, I called the real estate agent and demanded that he get the compost bin out of the yard.  Sorry about that Brad.  There was no way I was going anywhere near the compost bin to find out what was living in it. When the real estate agent did get the compost bin removed we learned that it was yard waste only.

We also learned that we had a peach tree with rotting fruit which had attracted the rat.  How is it possible…

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