Peach Crepes

Peaches Making A Life 4I am a big fan of eating local in season food. Fresh local fruit just tastes better, especially when I grow it myself. Before you get the wrong idea and imagine me as a farmer tending to my acreage let me explain that we have a few fruit trees on our small postage stamp size yard in the downtown core. In our yard we grow peaches, plums and apples all of which were mature trees when we bought the house 5 years ago. When we made an offer on the house the peach and plum trees looked just like any other tree to me, I honestly had no idea that they were fruit bearing. Imagine my surprise when 4 months later we took possession and found both a peach tree and a rat eating peaches in the yard.

This year we had a huge peach yield, or at least huge for our tree and I found myself incorporating peaches into every meal. We had a few salads with fresh peaches, peach muffins, peach bread, peach smoothies but my favourite was peach and blueberry crepes. Truth be told I am a sucker for anything wrapped in a crepe. If you are too, here is my favourite crepe recipe from Cityline.



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