Taris on the Water – Welland

Menu Taris Welland

I grew up in the small town of Welland Ontario, recently I returned to visit family. During my stay my mother pointed out a new restaurant and suggested that if I had the chance I should try it. When making dinner plans with a long-time friend she also suggested Taris on the Water, although she hadn’t been there she had heard good things.

Currently I live in Victoria, BC and we are really blessed to have an amazing selection of restaurants and a tourist population to support them. But the people in Niagara are also very fortunate that Taris on the Water has opened. In the short two weeks that I was in Ontario I had a chance to dine at Taris twice. It was so amazing that I went back for seconds!

The menu is innovative, the patio is perfectly situated, the staff are charming, and the food is AMAZING. When I went with my friend she had the White Sangria and I had the Prosecco because I like to celebrate life everyday. It’s only once a year that we get together so why not have some bubbles. We started with the Bruschetta Bar and drooled over our favourites. For the mains we shared the Fish Tacos and the Butternut Squash Ravioli, and I would recommend both. Fish Tacos are my go to menu item, and the ones at Taris are my new favourites, the crispy kale was surprisingly good. We finished off the evening with The French Canadian dessert, how can you go wrong with maple, berries, brie and bread.

My experience at Taris on the Water was so good that I had to go back with my husband, who is an excellent cook and a bit of a foodie, although he would never admit it. Again we ordered the Bruschetta Bar because it was that good! For the record my favourite Bruschetta is the Cinnamon Apple Butter. I had the Bistro Style Chicken Supreme which was divine, and he ordered the Filet Mignon. When he mentioned that the steak had a lot of flavour I nearly fell off my chair. We have been together for ten years and I am not sure I have ever heard him say that food was anything other than fine. I also stole a few bites of his crispy mashed potatoes which were wrapped in filo pasty and were scrumptious. We finished off the meal with the Flourless Chocolate Cake which melted in my mouth.

As a designer I am hyper aware of décor, and admittedly I am a bit of a design snob. The patio, dining room and wine cellar at Taris are warm, inviting and interesting and did not disappoint my aesthetic sensibilities. I wish I lived closer so that I could have an event in their wine cellar. In addition to the lovely ambiance within Taris, both nights we sat on the patio and watched the bridge change colours as the sunset.

Even though I don’t live in Welland anymore I still support local businesses because they are important for the community and the economy. If you haven’t been to Taris yet and live in Niagara, what are you waiting for? Eat local, support Welland, dine at Taris on the Water!


The fine print: I was so taken with my first experience at Taris that I reached out to the lovely owners and asked if they would be interested in exchanging dinner for a blog post. They were up for it, and this is how this post came to be. The opinions are 100% mine because I can't be bought with dinner :).

3 thoughts on “Taris on the Water – Welland

  1. fendi August 10, 2016 / 9:13 pm

    nice blog


  2. a60sbaby (@a60sbaby) February 4, 2017 / 12:04 am

    Awesome! I grew up in Welland but I am now living in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Looking forward to visiting Taris when I go back.

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