On the twelfth day of Christmas…an angel

angelThis is not a recent craft I made it in 1992 at the ripe old age of 15 for my Nana for Christmas.  She loved Christmas and she loved angels.  At the time I was pretty big into cross stitch.  My intention when I made this for her was to add to her Christmas decorations, her intention was to put it in her living room year round.  When she became an angel this picture was given back to me.  I hang it up every year for Christmas along with the Christmas ball she made for me and the very old but functional carousel ornamotion decoration that has her hand writing on the box.  I remember all of the Christmases we had together and I have some amazing memories of a great woman.  I won’t forget the year she fell in the bushes after a few glasses of wine, or the year she was practicing giving the finger which I caught on film and used as my Christmas card, or the Pistachio torte.  I’m sure she would be terrified to think I remember some of her funnier moments but I remember the good as well.  Have an awesome Christmas and make some great memories with friends and family.  Cherish every moment.

On the tenth day of Christmas…Elf Shoes

IMG_20141207_091708A couple of weeks ago before I had decorated the house for Christmas the kids found our stockings lying around and proceeded to wear them as shoes.  They were giggling away as they showed me their elf shoes.  This inspired me to make them some felt elf shoes.  Sasha helped to pick out the colours and worked with me on the design.  Here is the Elf Shoe Pattern that fits toddler shoe sizes 8-12.

Instructions (Can be hand sewn or machine sewn)

  1. Cut out the number of felt pieces required based on the pattern
  2. Pin the soles and sides together, and sew
  3. sew the zig zag trim onto the top of the shoes
  4. Sew on the pom poms
  5. put dots or lines of puff paint on the bottom to stop the little ones from wiping out

On the fifth day of Christmas…Frozen, Waldorf style

My talented mom has also been crafting this holiday season.  She was challenged by one of her friends to make a Waldorf style Frozen toy and this is the end result.  I was so impressed that I thought that I would share it.  I did have a laugh when she told me that she would head to Walmart for inspiration.  I can picture her standing in the electronics section with a posse of little girls watching Frozen on all of the TV screens.  I am pretty sure that she wasn’t singing along but I can’t be too sure.

Superhero capes

If you could choose a super power what would it be?

At a party this weekend I was asked what superpower I would chose if I had the option and my response was the ability to fly. Most people wrote something about reading thoughts or controlling people with their minds. Thinking about it now flying might not be the most practical super power but it sure would be fun. In keeping with the flying theme I made all of the super hero’s in my life personalized capes for Christmas. And if you are interested I will make one for you too, click here for details.

When you have more than one child I find that there is fighting over everything. Having personalized toys helps cutting back on the fighting (at least when they can recognize their own names).

Up, Up and away.


Life is short and I am reminded of this everyday.  A child in my son’s preschool class last year lost her dad. Her father was a member of the Canadian military and died on leave on the way home to see his family.  I can’t think of anything worse for a child than to lose a parent.

As I was making the Christmas Sock monkeys (on a Saturday night after most of a bottle of wine) I got to thinking that if the socks had meaning the monkey would be more than just a decoration.  My mind went on a bit of a spiral and I ended up thinking about the family from Sasha’s class that lost their dad & husband.

Before I sound like a complete nutter, we see this family everywhere, our kids are the same age, they go to school together, our youngest go to a play group together and our kids have swimming lessons together. So in the school yard bright and early Monday morning I approached the mom.  I told her that I was thinking about them on the weekend and I explained my idea about turning her late husbands socks into sock monkeys for her kids.  It was a slightly awkward conversation  because I was asking for her late husbands socks and I have no idea how that conversation can be anything but awkward, but she brought me the socks a couple of days later.

When I started working on the sock monkeys I was in tears because one of the socks had pink paint on the toe and heel which I later confirmed came from painting their daughter’s room.  As I worked on these monkeys I thought about my own family and how I can’t imagine the pain of this family and the strength of the mom.  It’s my hope that these monkeys bring them a little joy even for a minute.

For a pattern and tutorial to make sock monkeys please visit Craftpassion.com.



Our Cross-dressing Christmas Tree

My favourite post from last Christmas

Making A Life

tree skirt 1 With three guys in the house the testosterone over flows. Much to my surprise the Christmas tree is male too.   I was told by my four year old that “the tree is a boy, and boys don’t wear skirts”.   Of course I learned that the tree was a boy only after I made it a skirt.  So the compromise, a train tree skirt. For the times that I have put up a tree in the last 18 years, the skirt was missing. Sometimes I put a towel, or piece of random fabric draped around the base of the tree. I just filled the bottom with presents and who knew what was hiding underneath. But this year I committed to “finishing” the tree. I was out shopping, and I saw a beautiful tree skirt (with a train on it) for $100.00, and thought hey I can make something like this. My go to for “floor” fabrics…

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Crafty Mommas – Monkey Making

This past Sunday I hosted a monkey making party.  I really enjoy making things and I want everyone to know how to make things too which is why I invite people over and attempt to teach them.  I say attempt because I realized this weekend as I tried to show someone how to sew a specific part of the monkey that I am not the best crafting instructor.  I think that it is mainly because I have been making things for so long that I don’t even realize what I am doing or how I am doing it.  When Jen asks me how I sewing a specific part I don’t even know how to explain, I am just sewing.  Sewing is so natural to me that I don’t question what I am doing or how I am doing it anymore, I am just sewing.  This isn’t particularly helpful but I am at least aware now, and next time I might be able to explain a little better.  Here are some of my lovely friends crafting their monkeys.  They look super intense but really we had fun.

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Monkeying Around

There are lots of things that I should be doing and making sock monkeys is not on the list.  I was in Michaels a couple of weeks ago buying these socks with the intention of wearing them as socks when the cashier mentioned that she had bought some to turn into sock monkeys.  Obviously I thought that was a good idea because now we have a family of Christmas sock monkeys. Using the great tutorial I found here and a walking foot for sewing knits on my sewing machine it was pretty easy to make these little monkeys.  Sasha was quite involved with the little striped one that he has claimed as his.  He helped by turning the body parts inside out, stuffing them and selecting the eyes.  I am going to have to teach him how to sew next!

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Surprises in the mail

I am a fan of nice surprises and I love getting mail, so imagine my delight when I opened a package today and these cuties were inside.  Thanks Mom, you are the best.

Peg babies


Pocket Heart

IMG_20140929_215028I saw a blog post about making felt hearts to give to someone who might be nervous about a new situation and I though that it would be perfect for the first day of kindergarten.  So with a scrap of felt, embroidery floss, and some stuffing I whipped up a pocket heart for Sasha.  I told him a story about making it from my heart and that I would know when he squeezed it if he was nervous.  So on the first day of school he grabbed it on his own, while we were running out the door.  The first thing that he reported when I picked him up was that he didn’t need it.  The next day we searched the house in a panic to find his pocket heart before we left, and again he reported at pick up that he didn’t need it.  On the third day he started crying in the line up because he forgot it, so home I went to get it and bring it back to the school.  Note to self, make a couple of these and stash them in the car and purse.


If you want to make one for someone that needs a little love in their pocket see the attached PDF pattern.

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