On the fourth day of Christmas…my mom made me a stocking.


When I was a kid my mom made us all matching stockings.  Last year she gave them to all of us.  I think that was her not so subtle way of telling us we were all cut off. 

Last year I decided to further the tradition of hand made stocking with my family, and with the addition of another little person to our family this year we were short one stocking, and what better excuse to get out the sewing kit.  Last year I bought kits to make stockings and knowing at the time that we would be a larger family at Christmas this year I bought one extra.  As I was hanging the stockings I was reminded that I had to whip up one more.  Even though I had a pattern for these they would be easy enough to create from scratch with two ingredients.  They are made from felt, and hand stitched together with embroidery floss.  We don’t have a fireplace, so the stocking are hung on the banister with care.

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