Crafty Mommas – Monkey Making

This past Sunday I hosted a monkey making party.  I really enjoy making things and I want everyone to know how to make things too which is why I invite people over and attempt to teach them.  I say attempt because I realized this weekend as I tried to show someone how to sew a specific part of the monkey that I am not the best crafting instructor.  I think that it is mainly because I have been making things for so long that I don’t even realize what I am doing or how I am doing it.  When Jen asks me how I sewing a specific part I don’t even know how to explain, I am just sewing.  Sewing is so natural to me that I don’t question what I am doing or how I am doing it anymore, I am just sewing.  This isn’t particularly helpful but I am at least aware now, and next time I might be able to explain a little better.  Here are some of my lovely friends crafting their monkeys.  They look super intense but really we had fun.

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