Seeing Stars

Star 1For those that know I have a brain tumor, don’t worry the stars are completely unrelated to my medical state. But I do have a tiny obsession with stars. There is something about the odd number of points and graphic nature that draws me to them. Plus real stars are so shiny, and who doesn’t love a little bling.

Often I get started on one project that morphs into one or more others. This one started with a bunk bed and turned into tea towels and pillows. How does that even happen? All I can say is that my mind is a complicated place.

Printing fabric is super easy if you haven’t ever attempted it.

For this project I used:

  • Canvas drop cloth for the pillows – left over from another project purchased at a big box store
  • Flour sack tea towels – left over from the watermelon tea towel project
  • A rubber stamp – Michael’s
  • Acrylic paint – Craft Smart from Michael’s in Blue Jean, Navy Blue, Shamrock and Lush Foliage
  • Fabric Medium – Craft Smart brand from Michael’s
  • Paint brush
  • Yogurt container lid
  • A six-year-old helper (optional)

star 6


For the tea towels or canvas yardage (pillows) the instructions are exactly the same. I like to involve the kids when I make things especially when what I am making is for them. My six-year-old helper decided where the next star was to go by putting his finger on the fabric and then I would stamp the next star in his desired location.

  1. Iron the fabric (optional)
  2. Mix the paint with the fabric medium as per the bottle (the fabric medium waters down the paint which allows it to be absorbed by the fabric a little better and doesn’t make it crusty when it dries)
  3. Paint the mixture directly onto the stamp, and stamp the fabric
  4. Once you have completed stamping the fabric let it dry
  5. Iron to set the colours on the appropriate heat setting for the type of fabric you used

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