Standing in the rain

cute-cloud-rain-cartoon3I stood in the rain the other day and didn’t even acknowledge it. At one point I did realize that water was dripping down my face, but I didn’t move.  I was just starring, and waiting. I remember thinking this isn’t so bad, why I have I never stood in the rain intentionally. I looked around and everyone around me had hoods and umbrella’s, and I just stood there a little longer feeling the rain on my face just because I can.

If you happen to see me and I am smiling more than normal, or I am more chatty than you remember, or I am standing in the rain there is a reason. I am happy to be alive. I am ecstatic that I wake up everyday. If I seem like I am no longer in a rush, it’s because I am not, I am not in a hurry to get anywhere, and I am not too busy. My brain tumor is making me a much nicer person. I have not however turned into a morning person so if you have the inkling to call before 9:00 am be warned. Should I start singing or dancing in the rain call the doctor because something is seriously wrong.

But don’t worry I haven’t gone too soft yet because that person that could be excruciatingly aggressive is lucking just below the surface ready to fight my brain invader with everything I have. On Thursday April 16th I go for a MRI to see how Timmy the tumor is doing. It would be wonderful if he is just shrunk away and they can’t find him, unfortunately I can often feel him pulsing letting me know that he is still there, but a girl can dream.


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