On the tenth day of Christmas…Elf Shoes

IMG_20141207_091708A couple of weeks ago before I had decorated the house for Christmas the kids found our stockings lying around and proceeded to wear them as shoes.  They were giggling away as they showed me their elf shoes.  This inspired me to make them some felt elf shoes.  Sasha helped to pick out the colours and worked with me on the design.  Here is the Elf Shoe Pattern that fits toddler shoe sizes 8-12.

Instructions (Can be hand sewn or machine sewn)

  1. Cut out the number of felt pieces required based on the pattern
  2. Pin the soles and sides together, and sew
  3. sew the zig zag trim onto the top of the shoes
  4. Sew on the pom poms
  5. put dots or lines of puff paint on the bottom to stop the little ones from wiping out

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