Snowball Fight

I am going to apologize in advance to those of you that feel buried by the snow.  I miss the snow.  Winter isn’t quite the same without it.  We have the good fortune to live in a part of Canada that only sees snow occasionally. So far this Winter we had snow for 3 hours.  Which was just long enough for the kids to attempt to make snowballs.   I don’t however miss driving in snow, getting into a freezing car, or shoveling.  But I do miss playing in the snow, or at least I miss the opportunity for my kids to play in the snow.  As I was driving on the highway the other day the sun was shining and I was following a car with surfboards strapped to the roof, I came to the conclusion that Winter in Victoria is almost over.  I am not a weather forecaster but the crocuses in my garden are spouting and that seems to me a good indication that spring is on the way.  So it seems that it would be the perfect time to have a snowball fight.  In an attempt to share the fun of snow with my kids I made them a pile of yarn snowballs, and in keeping with the joy of getting up and seeing snow as a kid I placed them outside their bedroom door.  This is the result.

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