A little organization

A while back I thought that it would be a great idea to get some cork tiles and stick them to the wall behind my desk.  It wasn’t a good idea, it was actually a really bad idea.  The tiles shed, little bits of cork fell off constantly, and the tiles didn’t stick to the wall very well.  One by one the tiles fell off the wall leaving little sticky squares on the wall and a big mess on the floor.  I had been meaning to replace them for a while and finally got some time to make a cork board.  I scavenged in my own garage for wood and found some plywood the previous owners had left behind. Once it was cut to size (thanks to my husband) I used a glue gun to stick the cork tiles to the plywood.  With a piece of black felt I upholstered the cork tiles.  I have a button obsession so I glued some colourful buttons onto push pins to give my plain cork board a little personality.

Over the holidays we slowly completed a couple of things on our To Do list and it feels great.  We moved into our current house 3 and a half years ago and there are still projects lingering from when we moved in.  My husband just installed the moulding around the bathroom door which has been missing since the week we moved in. After about a year I just got used to looking at guts of the wall and door frame.  I spent far too much time asking little people to keep their hands out of the crack between the wall and the door fearing that they would cut their little hands on something sharp.  These little projects that only take a couple of hours to complete are the ones that linger on in our house.  The light bulbs burnt out in our stair way light fixture years ago, so I can honestly say that it takes more than 2 people and at least 2 years in this house to change a light bulb.  One day we will also have a working plug in the main bathroom, perhaps that one will have to wait until next Christmas.  Until then I am looking forward to a new year and I plan on hanging more family pictures and fewer to do lists on my new cork board.

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