Christmas Crafts – Day 1

This blog began as a 12 days of Christmas Crafting blog, which has morphed over the years to incorporate whatever was going on in my life. I have kept up the 12 days of Christmas crafting for quite a few years, and am going to attempt it again.

Let’s kick it off with the first day of Christmas. On the first day of Christmas my true love made for me….


A sparkly wreath. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle and glitter? I got the ornaments, and silver ribbon at the end of the year last year in a grab bag. I think I paid $4.00, and got piles of craft junk, including all of the balls, and the ribbon. The only other material required was a metal coat hanger.

Want to make one?

  1. separate the ends of the hanger
  2. form the hanger into a circle with pliers – a shape resembling a circle is fine, it will be covered by balls
  3. fold one end of the hanger into a loop. This will stop the balls from falling off when you feed them on the wire. The loop is also used to connect the other end of the coat hanger when you are finished
  4. feed the balls on
  5. close the wreath by sticking the straight end of coat hanger through the loop and using pliers flatten the closure
  6. loop ribbon around and hang




Surprises in the Mail, Part 3

Every once in a while a package from my mom arrives with a surprise inside for the kids. Once it was these little cuties, and another time it was Star Wars and Paw Patrol finger puppets. This past week it was a cute Christmas scene complete with its own box. I know that I can thank my dad for that contribution because it looks like one of his cigar boxes. My mom has some serious talents as she dreams up these little figures. I appreciate the up-cycled cigar box for the environmental aspect as well as the storage of this little set. My boys are very lucky to have such a talented grandma to make them toys.

Christmas Crafting – Day 11

I have been on a knitting binge recently, which means lots of leftovers. I haven’t been feeding my family leftovers because of my knitting obsession, but rather I have a lot of leftover yarn. What do you do with the little scraps of leftover yarn? This is one project that uses leftover sock yarn. If you don’t have big feet then this one is for you. On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love made for me…Knit Ornaments.

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Christmas Crafting – Day 9

It has been a busy few weeks here, and today is the first day in a long time where we didn’t have any commitments. I am spending the day in my jammies knitting. What goes with a day of Christmas movies, knitting and jammies? An eggnog chai tea latte, and a cookie all served up on a mug rug. On the ninth day of Christmas my friend made for me a…Mug Rug.

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Christmas Crafting – Day 6

Today, I am turning the crafting over to the kids. They make ornaments for the family each year, and this year its melty bead ornaments. As they are getting a little older the crafts are getting a little more advanced and by advanced I mean they have moved beyond foam sticker crafts. On the 6th day of Christmas my true loves made for me…Beaded Ornaments. 

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Christmas Crafting – Day 5

Let me tell you a little secret, I make a lot of crafts from scratch but I also craft from kits. It’s even better than baking from a box because everything is included. On the 5th day of Christmas my true love made for me…Felt Wreaths from a kit. Continue reading

Christmas Crafting – Day 1

For years I have been doing the 12 days of Christmas crafting, and will continue this year too. The 12 days of Christmas Crafting historically has been a mix of crafts, decorations and baking ideas. This will be year number 4, so there is quite an archive of ideas already on this blog and each day I will throw in past years projects as well. Let’s kick off this year with the First Day of Christmas my true love made for me…Pom Pom Ornaments. 

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On the tenth day of Christmas…

Here is my post from the tenth day of Christmas last year. Funny enough my model was wearing the same jammies this morning although they are getting a little small.

On the tenth day of Christmas Elf shoes

I should really make myself a pair because I don’t know about you but just about this time each year I feel a bit like Santa’s little helper.

elf 2

On the ninth day of Christmas…

coastersMy kids love coasters. Yes the ones that you put drinks on. They throw them as frisbees, use them as plates, roll them and who knows what else. I find them everywhere, in beds, outside, in the bathroom, under rugs you name it I have probably found a coaster there. I have no idea why they have a fascination with them but I can tell you that they disappear and get broken at an alarming rate.

So I decided to make some that wouldn’t get broken (or at least not into sharp pieces), can’t chip, and would be kind to the inside of my washing machine and were made from scraps of felt. I also made 5 because for sure one (or more) will go missing. There isn’t much point in buying something nice at least not for a while.

If you find yourself in a coaster predicament as well or you just think that these are cute and would like some for yourself the instructions are as follows:

Step 1. Cut felt into 1cm strips (using standard felt sheets). I used 8 colours but you can use as few or as many as you like. I used 17 strips per coaster, 2 strips per colour plus one extra in the outside colour.

Step 2. You can use white glue but mine needed to be super durable, so I opted for hot glue. Starting with any colour wrap and glue the end of one of the felt strips to make a small cylinder.


Step 3. Glue and wrap additional strips of felt. If you are using white glue use straight pins and pin as you wrap and glue. With hot glue you don’t need pins.

Step 4. Once you get to the end of the felt add in the second strip. Glue and wrap the strips in sections.

almost done

Step 5. Once you have used all 16 strips of felt glue the last strip around the outside butting it up against the same colour.




Crafting from Kits – Felt Tree’s

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with my sister about making a craft and she was saying that she finds it super expensive to make things.  I totally know where she is coming from.  I have a large craft stash in a walk in closet in my office/craft room which I have accumulated over many years.  But if you aren’t stocked like Michael’s then I get it.  If you want to do the basic craft you need to buy all of the supplies, and that can be a drag.  Plus you need to be organized before you start to avoid multiple trips to the store.  There is a pretty good alternative if you want to try to make crafts but you aren’t sure if it’s for you, or you don’t want to invest in a lot of supplies.  When I started crafting the first thing that I tried was cross-stitch.  My mom (I was in the single digits at the time) would buy me cross-stitch kits which contained everything I needed to complete the craft.  So what I would suggest if you are interested in crafting but don’t want to buy a lot of supplies look for crafts that come in kits.  Aside for buying everything you need in a nice little package typically there is an age on the package that will give you an idea of the skill level required especially if you are crafting with little people.

Often I pickup craft kits on sale at the end of a season or with a coupon (I don’t want to pay full price for anything ever).  The kit that I bought to make these trees cost $6.00 or less and it came with the felt, stars, red beads, needle and string to make 5 ornaments.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the string it came with the kit so I raided my ribbon supply, I call it artistic expression.  I rarely follow a recipe or pattern exactly, where is the fun in that?  Sasha (age 5) helped me sort the colours, and make one tree after which point he got bored and walked away.  Then his brother (age 2) got a hold of the 5 finished trees and started pulling them apart.  Crafting with kids is fun?

It’s a great time of the year to pick up a craft kit so go out there and get one, I dare you.

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