Sampran Riverside Village

As a maker I am interested in crafts so the Sampran Riverside Village was right up my alley. We learned about and tried our hand at some traditional Thai crafts. We learned how silk can be spun by hand into thread, and then woven into gorgeous silk scarves. We watched a painting demo, wove fish out of grass, made clay elephants and tried out musical instruments. We also learned about making compresses from herbs, watched a cooking demo, and made flower garlands.

I have zero rhythm, I have given up on dancing because watching me dance is like watching someone writhe in pain. It’s that bad, and it’s not enjoyable for me either. You could try bamboo dancing but I wasn’t confident that my lack of rhythm wouldn’t leave me with bashed up ankles. We also watched Thai boxing, and a traditional wedding ceremony as well.┬áMy husband got in on the dancing action, and participated in the Thai dancing performance.

We also saw these big guys. These were the first elephants that we saw in Thailand, and I was super surprised while wandering around the village to see 2 elephants.

We had about an hour to walk around before we went to the craft village and performance. These are a few of the things that we saw. I think the people washing the sidewalks with something that looks like a floor polisher was pretty funny.



Butchart Gardens – Victoria

Butchart Gardens 37 Making A LifeLast week, I was writing about being a tourist in my home town, so it’s only fitting that today I write about exploring Victoria. My first trip to the Butchart Gardens was a magical memorable day. My boyfriend had just moved to Victoria, BC and I visiting from Toronto. We were young, childless and carefree. We woke up on a Saturday morning and he told me that he had to run out for a bit. When he returned, without any words he tied a string to my finger. Just a plain beige string, nothing fancy. He held the other end in his hand. I looked at him with a puzzled expression not understanding what was about to happen. Next I felt a ring on my finger. My ring finger. Still no words from him. He never officially asked but that was the moment that we got engaged.

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The children ate my homework

the baby ate my homeworkYears ago when my oldest was about 1 he actually ate part of an essay. He was sitting in a highchair at the dining table while I was working on an assignment and I looked over and there he was chewing on my homework.

I enrolled in a cake decorating class in June and after the first session the instructor needed to post-pone the balance of the classes because he had to go for surgery. Then I had to go in for surgery and I restarted the course in September. With this class comes a lot of baking. Each week I need to bring cake, cupcakes or cookies to class to decorate depending on what we are learning.

I have zero self control so I can’t have all of these treats in the house week after week. The first week our babysitter accepted payment in cupcakes. The second week I brought a cake to two different events on the same evening. This week my homework is headed to my son’s grade 1 class. Amazingly there are no food allergies in a class of 23.

On the menu this week, sugar cooking with buttercream flowers. The children with eat my homework and hopefully enjoy it.