Canada Eh!

Canada Eh!Canada Day is a special holiday for me aside for the fact that it’s Canada’s birthday, its the holiday that I spent with my Nana. Sure we spent lots of holidays together, but rarely did we have holiday time without a whole pile of other family. On July 1st my grandparents would typically be at their cottage, and once I was able to get there independently I would call up a few days ahead of time to reserve my room. She would always tell me that it was ready and waiting.

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Bunting Crazy

sasha 2There is something about those little flag banners that sucks me in, I am entranced by them.  Maybe its the colour, maybe it’s the festive feeling, either way I have been inspired to create some for the kiddies bedrooms.  Just before Christmas when the holiday decorations went on sale I was browsing the aisles at my favourite craft store and I saw a kit for a Merry Christmas bunting, for less than $4.00, SCORE.  I brought it home and went to work creating a holiday bunting, like most things I had to add my touch so I swapped out some of the felt it came with and substituted other colours.  I also thought that sticking the letters on with glue was tacky (get it…I know its so bad) so I sewed them on to add another layer of texture.  Once I knew that this little project was a success, I went back to the craft store and bought all of the kits they had, and even suckered my friend to buy one for herself.  Crafting peer pressure.  I switched the felt using some of what came with the kits and substituting the colours that would work better in the kiddies rooms, I also upgraded the ribbon from white to something with a little more character.  I think that they came out pretty good, for less than $10.00 each.  The pictures don’t really do them justice because they are all quite long.

Happy sewing, cutting, and crafting.