Canada Eh!

Canada Eh!Canada Day is a special holiday for me aside for the fact that it’s Canada’s birthday, its the holiday that I spent with my Nana. Sure we spent lots of holidays together, but rarely did we have holiday time without a whole pile of other family. On July 1st my grandparents would typically be at their cottage, and once I was able to get there independently I would call up a few days ahead of time to reserve my room. She would always tell me that it was ready and waiting.

Canada Day was also the last holiday that I spent with my Nana, and the last time that I saw her. I made the trip from BC to Ontario and we celebrated Canada Day in her hospital room. She’s gone but I have not forgotten all of the wonderful times we got to spend together. We made the flag cake a few times together at the cottage for Canada Day and I have made it many times since. I know the gang at the cottage also made one this year.

I’m sorry, please excuse me but I also made a batch of Canada Eh cupcakes because I am after all Canadian.

flag cake

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