Crawling out from under a rock


I just finished writing four exams, and I feel like I have been in hiding for a month, or maybe four. I am so excited to be finished for the semester; it is hard to meet the needs of my kids, husband and myself as a full-time student. There is a reason why you are supposed to go to University before you have kids; it is easier without a posse in tow.

You know that work life balance or in my current case the study life balance that people speak of; I don’t think that it exists. It’s just a big jumbled up mess of life. Since I have had kids I have worked full-time, traveled weekly for work, worked from home, been a stay at home mom, worked from home and I have been a full-time student. Each has its own challenges but I have yet to find a balance that works, therefore I have decided that it doesn’t exists. I have given up on the notion of finding it. Continue reading


running_brain_cartoon_character_postcard-r2c634ae87ae046c795c1bddcee9cc90a_vgbaq_8byvr_324I received a call the other day from the neurosurgeon’s office about my MRI results after waiting nearly a month. I rarely have the ringer of my phone on so I missed the call. I was sitting getting my hair done (the old lady that lives at my hairline was back with a vengeance) when I checked the message. All I can say is that I have a tremendous sense of relief.

Timmy was fully evicted. The surgery was a success. No extra pieces of him are floating around in my brain. No subsequent tumours were found. My brain has “bounced” back to fill the void that was left from Timmy’s eviction. All that is left is a perfectly healthy brain. Fan_freaking_tastic. My next MRI will be in three years. My surgeon had told me as much after surgery but I didn’t fully believe him. Somehow knowing that someone else looked at a picture of my brain and they say that it’s all good makes all the difference.

Thank you to all of the good tax payers in Canada who have been funding my medical journey, I am going to stop spending your money now! My brain is as good as new.

Now on to the next adventure with my healthy brain.

P.S. I also have received all of my marks from last semester which was my first semester without Timmy and it turns out that I am smarter (at least in post-secondary education) without a brain tumour. Go figure. 😉 That bastard Timmy was dragging down my GPA.