Crawling out from under a rock


I just finished writing four exams, and I feel like I have been in hiding for a month, or maybe four. I am so excited to be finished for the semester; it is hard to meet the needs of my kids, husband and myself as a full-time student. There is a reason why you are supposed to go to University before you have kids; it is easier without a posse in tow.

You know that work life balance or in my current case the study life balance that people speak of; I don’t think that it exists. It’s just a big jumbled up mess of life. Since I have had kids I have worked full-time, traveled weekly for work, worked from home, been a stay at home mom, worked from home and I have been a full-time student. Each has its own challenges but I have yet to find a balance that works, therefore I have decided that it doesn’t exists. I have given up on the notion of finding it. Continue reading