Christmas Crafting – Day 2

On the second day of Christmas my true love made for me…A Santa pillow. I saw one of these in a store and it was more than $50.00, which is a little out of my snack bracket for a Christmas pillow. Knowing that I had 2 red cushion covers and inserts at home I figured that I could whip some up for a fraction of the cost. I am adding the stores where I got the supplies not because they are sponsoring this post but because if you want to make these it is advantageous to know where to get supplies.


  • Red cushion covers (Gurli covers from IKEA)
  • Pillow insert (IKEA)
  • 3″Black ribbon (Michaels)
  • 1″ Gold ribbon (Michaels)
  • Bells (Dollar Store)
  • 6″ wide strip of White fake fur (Fabricland)


  1. Iron the pillow case
  2. Start by cutting the fake fur to match the length of the pillow cover. Be sure to cut fake fur from the back, and only cut the backing, don’t cut into the fur.
  3. Pin the fur to the pillow, and stitch on through the inside
  4. Next cut black the ribbon to length, pin, and sew through the inside
  5. The gold ribbon is a little tricky. I used one piece and folded it to make a square, but you could cut and sew 4 individual pieces as well. Pin the gold buckle and sew from the inside.
  6. Place the bells and sew from the inside
  7. Insert the pillow into the cover and fluff!

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