Horsing Around

horses1Sunday morning my oldest has drawing classes, and he was refusing to go recently because he was “too busy” pretending to be a cowboy. He and his brother were both galloping around wearing cowboy hats. After I promised that, he could return to playing cowboys after drawing he dropped the hat and off we went. As soon as we returned, I was roped into their pretend play.
“Where are your horses?” I asked
“We don’t have horses,” they said
“Do you want horses?” I asked
“YES” they said
“Where do we get some?” they asked
“We make them,” I said

The gears shifted from playing cowboys to making horses. My oldest likes to help and so he was in charge of cutting out a paper pattern.  He also chose the yarn and cut the mane for the brown horse, one string at a time. It was a little painful to watch but he was content for about an hour cutting strand by strand.
My office/craft room is the smallest room in the house but coincidentally has the largest walk-in closet, which comes in handy for storing my hoard of craft supplies. It also means that when I get inspired to make something chances are if I go digging in the craft closet, I can probably find the supplies required. I had everything I needed for these with the exception of the wooden dowels, and I was short on stuffing.


If you want to partake in making a horse for yourself, you will need:
• Felt sheets, scraps cut into squares (the equivalent of 4-5 standard sheets of felt) or fabric
• Stuffing
• 2 buttons for eyes
• Thread to sew felt together
• Embroidery thread to sew the eyes on, and or the bottom closed
• A sewing machine
• Yarn for the mane, and for the bridle
• Metal washers, or metal D rings for the bridle
• 3-4’ wood dowel


This project took me somewhere between 5-6 hours to make two horses in case you want an idea of the time commitment.

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