On the eighth day of Christmas…

On the eighth day of Christmas we were baking again, if you can call making rice crispy treats baking. I am that mom that sends treats to school with her kids for holidays, birthdays or once because I was taking a cake decorating class and I needed someone to eat my homework. Before school broke for the holidays I sent rice crispy tree treats to school with each of my kids. My husband brought the ones to my sons preschool party because I was writing an exam, and you will never guess where the Tupperware container is. If you guessed still at the school you are correct. So much for being green.

I made the rice crispy treats as per the box instructions in a parchment lined baking pan, sprinkled them with coloured sprinkles and put them in the fridge. After they were formed I removed them from the tray using the parchment, and cut them into rectangles and then triangles. To be totally honest I had the frosting in the fridge already mixed in piping bags so it looks like more of an effort than it really was. I piped on some details, and popped on some edible ornaments and a few dozen trees were born.

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