When life gives you lemons….

When life gives you lemons you can make lemonade but you better hope that life is also giving you a pound of sugar.

Other options to try if life has given you lemons

  1. When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in people’s eyes. (that just seems wrong)
  2. When life gives you lemons grab tequila and salt (unless you have a brain tumor and alcohol can increase your risk of seizures, not my best option right now)
  3. When life gives you lemons stick them in your bra and work it (I love this one, but I could hide a few lemons in my bra and you wouldn’t even know they were there. ;))
  4. and my ultimate favourite…..When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit GOLD!

Damn skippy I will. When life gives you lemons (or a brain tumor as luck would have it), you paint that shit gold. This saying has become my new motto. It has also inspired the painting below. I haven’t painted since I was a student at the Ontario College of Art and Design in the mid 90’s (OMG I sound so old). So don’t be too judgy. I did however signup for a painting/drawing class in Italy 8 years ago and not once did I paint. I ended up giving away all of my art supplies to make room in my suitcase for shoes and purses. While my classmates were painting I took thousands of photos. Some were of lemons. I used one of the photos taken on that trip as the basis of this painting.

I am going to proudly hang these lemons in my house because once I survive this brain tumor I am not going to forget the big basket of lemons that I was given. I realize that these aren’t exactly gold but I believe that the saying is more about making the best of a bad situation. Everyone has their lemons, I am going to paint mine gold.

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