Exams, Pillow Forts and Hash Browns

Pillow fortI slept well last night, that is not the norm.  I have been awake until the wee hours of the morning thinking, worrying and pacing a rut into the floors.  Often my head hurts as I fall asleep and it still hurts when I wake up, not crazy pain, just enough to remind me that there is an invader in my head.  Sort of like an uninvited guest, a wedding crasher except it’s my life, so a life crasher.  Last night my life crasher let me sleep and I feel well today in part because have been sleeping in a pillow fort.  I have been sleeping with an extra pillow just so that my head is a little more elevated in an effort to stop the morning wake-up headaches.  Our bedroom however looks like a pillow fort exploded, I have thin ones, square one, fat ones all stacked up beside my bed in an effort to find the “best” combination. The kids love it, and have formed a slide off our bed with all of the extra pillows.

Today I got up, got dressed, got the kids ready and dropped Sasha at school like normal, and it felt really good.  Then I came home and started to study.  I know you must be thinking that is a little crazy.  But I need a distraction.  I am almost finished the second semester of my graduate studies, I have days left before the semester is over.  I want to attempt to finish the course work so that when I am able I can write the exams and continue on my path.

examsMy doctor has suggested in the form of a doctors note that I defer my exams for 4-6 months.  My university initially had a different plan, they have offered me a medical withdrawal/refund, or a 6 week exam deferral.  After I conferred with my tumor, we decided that neither of those options were going to work.  With just days left of the semester and almost all of my assignments complete I really didn’t want to quit the program, I did all of the work and I am not letting this tumor take even a second of my life away.

I get that there need to be policies in place in institutions like Universities, but come on now.  The courses I am taking are offered every semester so what’s the big deal.  After 2 weeks of daily back and forth with the school I seem to have found the right person to help me.  I really should have started with the disabilities department I would have saved myself some time.  I am very relieved that they can accommodate my situation and I can write the exams when I am ready (as long as it’s within the next 6 months).

Logan’s just arrived with a bag of frozen hash browns, so my motherly duty calls.  Bottom freezers are great unless you have a two-year old that is always hungry.  I have confiscated boxes of waffles, popsicles, ice cream cartons, and now hash browns from his little hands.  He is full of wonder and a source of never-ending humour. I am especially thankful for his innocence and happy distractions these days.

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