Great Wolf Lodge, WA

IMGP6609 While my husband and I were lapping up the sun in the Seychelles we decided that we should take the kids somewhere fun (I think it was guilt), so we booked a little weekend get away to the Great Wolf Lodge in Washington state.  If you haven’t heard of Great Wolf Lodge it’s a chain of an indoor water parks/hotels and ultimate kid paradise.  I am not a huge fan of water parks, I don’t know why.  Maybe I am too old…but this trip wasn’t about me it was for the kiddies aged 5 and 2.



So we packed up the car and headed to the border via the ferry.  We live on an island so most trips require a plane or ferry, fun times.  We dropped off a car at the ferry terminal (Black Ball/Coho) the night before to try to secure a spot on the first ferry of the day, and it was a good plan because we hadn’t made a reservation and space was tight.  We then drove for 3 hours to Great Wolf Lodge, it all went pretty well and involved a game or two of Eye Spy.

When we got to our room our oldest was elated because he got to sleep in a bunk bed, the top bunk of course.  He was so excited before we left, not about the water park, but about the bunk bed.  We could have saved a lot of money and just bought him a bunk bed.  Our youngest was not interested in sleeping in a bunk bed, he thought that our bed was his (he sleeps in a double bed at home so it’s not a huge stretch).  After we got over both the elation and the trauma of sleeping in bunk beds, we hit the water park.  But first a stop at the magic wand store.  There is a game that all of the kids and adults were playing that involved a wand that lit up objects around the hotel.  The guy in the wand store said that it was geared to 7+, so we got the wand and walked around the hotel lighting things up, but we weren’t on the quest.  But those on the quest were running around the hotel, and appeared totally into it.

So on to the water park.  There was a great kids play area which kept both kids pretty occupied until bed time.


We went to the clock tower for story time.  And tucked the little peeps into their bunks just to do it all over again the next day.


The hotel was on the pricier side but not unreasonable and it included entrance to the water park for 3 days.  The prices were pretty inline with what we would normally pay in restaurants and hotels so no complaints here.  The only suggestion for improvement I would have is in the housekeeping department.  In the pool area there was a lot of food/containers on the ground/tables, really other guest should just put their garbage in the bin, but if not then the hotel should be cleaning up the common areas.  Also our room wasn’t cleaned and when I called down to request it be cleaned the housekeeping staff were gone for the day.  Not a huge deal except we have a little person in diapers.  In a place that caters to families housekeeping should be flexible enough to work around naps.  In most hotels I wouldn’t ever suggest it but in a family resort it is to be expected.

I imagine that another trip to the Great Wolf Lodge will be in my future, I am not a fortune-teller but I am a push over for my little peeps.

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