Finally…the first day of school

IMGP6629Sasha started Kindergarten this week, after a slight school suspension.  The teachers in BC were on strike advocating for our children, which caused a three week delay in the start date of classes.  I wanted to do so many fun crafty things for the first day of school, and because I had no idea when it was going to begin I procrastinated.  I managed to get two little projects completed, the first one is a blackboard sign.  The second project I will blog about tomorrow.

A shout out to Janaya for the reminder on this one.  To make this sign I used an art canvas (dollar store) which I spray painted with chalk board paint (Rona).  It was that easy.  You are supposed to let the paint dry for 24 hours, but who has time for that, so after 15 hours or so I wrote out the wording and erased, and wrote it again.  Kudos to the teachers who write in chalk everyday it’s a skill I have yet to acquire.

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