Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls

We went to a Great Wolf Lodge in Washington state last Fall. Sasha has been asking to go back constantly. It seems that it might just be his favourite place on earth. So on a recent trip to Ontario we stayed a couple of nights at the Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge. We also took the kids to see Niagara Falls, and for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. There are not elephants at Great Wolf Lodge, only wolves.

It`s fair to say that fun was had by all. It`s also fair to say that if you have a brain tumour located in the part of your brain that affects balance that it might be wise to stay off the big fast scary water slides. Or as my husband alluded to maybe I am just a big wimp, only time will tell on that one. Once I get Timmy the tumour removed I will try out the big fast scary water slides again and see if I fair better post tumour.

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