Celebrating Canada and Nana

I might get a little sappy on you with this one, just a warning. Canada Day is a special holiday for me, and believe it or not it doesn’t have anything to do with celebrating Canada.  While I was in my twenties before kids & marriage every year just before Canada Day I would make a call to the cottage to see if it was ok to come for the Canada day long weekend.  My Nana would always answer, your room is waiting and we would love to have you.  We would always have a chat about the weather, the weekend, and whatever.  I miss those chats.  I could still call the cottage and see if I could come for the weekend but someone else would answer and it wouldn’t be quite the same.  The last time I saw Nana was on a Canada Day long weekend just weeks after we found out that she had cancer.  We had a great visit but it was the last Canada Day that we got to spend together.

canada day cake

Every Canada Day she made this simple and delicious cake, or tricked my aunt or I into making it.  I think that she used to make the base out of angel food cake but I make mine vanilla, with vanilla icing and topped with cut up strawberries in the shape of the Canadian flag.  I have been making it for years to celebrate Canada but more importantly to keep traditions alive and to celebrate Nana.



We played tourist in Victoria today by taking the Hippo Bus it’s an amphibian bus so we got a land and water tour.  Here are some of my favourite pics.

After that we went to a Canada Day event in Esquimalt complete with a bouncy castle, Hayley Wickenheiser, and the Mounties playing hockey.  It doesn’t get much more Canadian than that, EH.  I will let you guess what was the most exciting part for a 2 & 5-year-old.  As you can see Logan was not quite so sure about the RCMP, but all in all a fun day.

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