My real job

It would be lovely to be able to make things all day but unfortunately I can’t afford to which is why I have a job.  A great job, but one that is not in the same city as I live in, or that I can drive to because I live on an island and my office is on the main land.  So I fly to work, sounds glamorous but believe me in the middle of winter crammed in a tiny plane with a dozen other people and the pilot says tighten your seat belts you know it’s not going to be a fun ride.  Yes pilot as in one person flying the plane and tighten not fasten your seatbelts, neither of those were typos.  Of course on other days the scenery and ride are amazing, especially when I get to ride in the co-pilot seat.  These are the pictures that I have chosen to share.  Believe me you don’t want to see the ones in the middle of winter.



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