Feeling like a GROWNUP

master 1

It’s funny that a piece of furniture can make me feel like a grownup.  I own a house, and have two kids yet what really makes me feel as though I am all grownup is a headboard.  I moved out of my parents house when I was 18, and have been headboardless ever since.  Until just a little while ago.

I love to make things out of garbage, you know freecycle, upcycle, recycle, what ever the trendy name is for making things out of trash.  So as I was laying in bed one night headboardless very pregnant with baby number two, I thought maybe I can just whip up a headboard.  Driving to my midwife appointment the next day I saw a pair of saw horses that would be perfect to use as a stand as I worked on the headboard, so I pulled over to the side of the road and popped them in the back of the car…score one for me.  As I began on my headboard building journey I was quickly reminded that at 9 months pregnant there would be no whipping up of anything, I was lucky to get out of bed, never mind making a part of one.  With nothing but good intentions the headboard was put on the back burner, until my little guy was 3 months old and I felt like a human again.  Then I was back at it, with a little paint, a little bit of trim, an old door, some inexpensive lights, and a little bit of hardware I made a headboard and became a grownup.

We have a very intimate relationship with furniture, we sit on it, we eat on it, we work with it, we sleep with it, we make babies in it (or practice making babies), we rock those babies in it yet so many people just see it as a prop.  I love my relationship with furniture, and even after we move from this house I will take the headboard that I made out of the old door from Logan’s nursery into my next house with fond memories of another time.

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