Knit Furniture

IMGP8686It was only a matter of time before I married knitting and furniture making.  I have seen these types of pillows or poofs before but they were always quite expensive, so I figured I would try to make one myself.  So to make this knitted green poof I created a round canvas form and filled it with bean bag filling and hand stitched it closed.  I then knit a long rectangle  and wrapped it around the canvas form.  I stitched the ends of the knit rectangle together on the short ends and then gathered the top and bottom by hand stitching.


Yarn – Red Heart Comfort medium worsted weight 867 yards (Walmart $10)

Canvas – Super Heavy Weight drop cloth (Canadian Tire less than $10)

Bean Bag Filling – Walmart $30 but only used 3/4 of a bag

Knit Pattern:

CO55, K2, P2

Cast off leaving a couple of yards of yarn to sew and finish ends, I used the entire ball except 12″

Canvas Pattern:


Using one 34″ x 63″ piece of canvas cut out the shape below.  Sew the sides of the triangles together to form a circle.  Cut out a circle out of canvas for to reinforce the top and bottom.  See picture of the finished canvas form for clarity.

06-12-2013 08;03;51PM

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