My newest hobby

Eight months ago I learned the basics of knitting and with a little help from Utube I have been on a knitting rampage ever since.  My first project was a scarf for my four year old, which I have to admit was incredibly boring.  After mastering knitting in a straight line  I attempted a hat for my little guy who was 3 months at the time, and after 2 attempts I had something that resembled a hat and which sort of fit.  Next I was on to slightly more interesting patterns, colours, and textures.  I made tiny mits, thumbless mitts for tiny hands and cigar smoking gloves.  Then I decided that I was ready for socks, and made a pair of socks for my 4 year old figuring if I really screwed them up they were little so not a huge waste of time, and if I made them too small his younger brother could wear them.  The socks turned out to be wearable but not great yet not a total disaster.  Next I was onto sweaters for the kids, which they managed to wear a couple of times before it got too warm here.  

My next knitting projects include a sweater for me, and a knit pillow both are finished but not 100% complete.  The most exciting project to date is still in the works it is a knit furniture piece.  I have managed to work my love of furniture and my love of knitting into one object, I can’t wait until it’s done.  Stay tuned for more details.

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