Christmas Crafting – Day 4

“He’s making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out whose naughty or nice”…on day 4 we are making a Naughty & Nice sign. I bought a naughty and nice sign a few years ago at Target (while they made their brief appearance in Canada), but someone naughty broke it. So I made a new one and pointed at the naughty party.

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Christmas Crafting – Day 3

On the third day of Christmas my true love made for me…JOY. For a few years I have been photographing my friends and their families for Christmas. I make props and setup photo areas in my house. I made these JOY letter last year for the photoshoot, after which one of my kids broke the J. Which promoted me to yell “stop breaking my JOY”.

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Ruby Lina

Recently, my four-year old and I hoped on a plane to meet the newest edition to the family, Miss Ruby. It’s refreshing after three nephews and having two boys myself to have a little girl in the family. Don’t get me wrong a healthy baby is always the most desired type of baby, it’s just nice to throw a little pink in the mix. My youngest stayed at home with dad but is showing his excitement about becoming a big cousin by sporting his new “Big Cuz” shirt.

When I arrived my sister informed me that we would be having a photo-shoot, she had pinned some ideas and gotten headbands and tutus, and would I mind taking some pictures. I used to years ago, have the same passion for photography as I do now for crafting. My passion for photography has faded and I now take pictures to document our lives, and the rest of the time my camera sits untouched. So I took my sister up on the photo-shoot challenge. After we had completed the photo-shoot I was questioning why I didn’t do this with my own kids more often.

I don’t remember who had the idea but I don’t mind saying that it was a pretty good one, to take a picture of little Ruby, with her button name sign. Ruby is also sporting a pink knit flower hat, made by moi. Reading is a family hobby, we all share books, and read as much as we can, so it’s only fitting that Ruby start young.

In my mind I think of photography and crafting as two separate hobbies, but on this occasion they meshed together to accentuate the beauty of Miss Ruby.

Keep crafting, creating and celebrating.