Closed for renovations

brain cupcakesI know that my brain is a lovely place. I do in fact spend most of my time in there. But you my friend are about to get evicted, so pack your bags, and don’t forget a thing because this is a one way trip. You are not welcome to return, or bring your tumour friends for a visit. This tumour hotel is closed for business. My brain may in fact become a radio active hot bed so it’s best to stay away. Bon voyage, adios, arrivederci, au revoir I never want to see you again.

Renovations will be underway tomorrow. I expect that everything will be on schedule and will go according to plan because I have some pretty awesome project managers on the crew. I expect to have a bit of a headache from all of the jack hammering, but it will be well worth it in the end.  I am already planning a celebration to show off my brand new brain. Look at these cute brain cupcakes I found on Pinterest. They seem perfect for a brain tumour eviction party.

I have been advised that I will most likely need a blood transfusion tomorrow as part of my surgery as the tumour has intersected two major blood vessels. So if you are feeling like you are overflowing with blood please consider donating what you don’t need to Canadian Blood Services (or whatever country you are from). I won’t get your blood but someone else in need will. As they say “It’s in you to give”. Here is a link for my Canadian friends so that you can find a place to give in your area.

Thank you, see you soon.