Cupcake Sliders

Burger Cupcakes Making A Life

If you are heading to a BBQ this weekend, or hosting a BBQ what are you serving for dessert?  How about cupcake sliders? These are a great conversation starter, plus you might fool the occasional guest into thinking that they are actually meat burgers.

Use your favourite cake recipe or boxed cake mix for the vanilla buns and chocolate patty. If you happen to have a silicone cupcake tray use it, because it means that there are no paper wrappers to remove.

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BBQ Cupcakes Hot off the Grill

BBQ Cupcake detail 2We headed to a potluck BBQ on the weekend and wait for it, we brought cupcakes. If you have been following my blog for a little while you might have noticed that every other post is about cupcakes. I have been altering the posts between brain tumours and cupcakes just to keep the content light and fluffy.

I started taking a cake decorating class and I was quite bummed when it got postponed because the instructor had to go in for surgery, the class will resume some time in August and I am hoping to be healed from my surgery in time to participate. During the last class the young girl beside me managed to get frosting in her hair. I will have to remember to keep my distance from her as frosting in my healing skull probably wouldn’t be “just what the doctor ordered”.

In keeping with the BBQ theme I stole this idea from my favourite site. In case you want to copy from me copying from Pinterest here are the instructions:


BBQ Cupcakes steps

  1. Bake chocolate cupcakes (just follow the instructions on a boxed cake mix) or get really wild and bake them from scratch
  2. Frost the cupcakes once they are cooled with chocolate frosting, they don’t have to be perfect because you are going to cover them in sprinkles (aka fire)
  3. Dip, roll or sprinkle the cupcakes with any combination of red, orange or yellow sprinkles (I used red and clear sugar sprinkles because that’s what they sell at the dollarstore and I am cheap)
  4. Draw on a BBQ grill with black frosting
  5. Add on a few “Hot Tamales” or red Mike&Ike candies (aka Hot dogs)
  6. Draw grill marks on the candy

P.S. if you decide to send your husband to the store for hot tamales and he happens to have been born in another country where he wouldn’t have had access to these treats explain to him exactly what you want or you might end up with hot peppers.

BBQ Treats

burgers 2I am really looking forward to the first long weekend of the summer season.  I know that summer doesn’t technically start until June 21 but we are kicking it off NOW.  If you are heading to a BBQ this weekend, or hosting a BBQ what are you serving for dessert?  How about burgers?

TIPS: I used a boxed cake mix for these beauties.  Using a silicone cupcake tray means that there are no paper wrappers to remove.


  • Chocolate cake mix
  • Vanilla cake mix
  • Oil – as per box mix directions
  • Eggs- as per box mix directions
  • Milk/water – as per box mix directions
  • 1/2 cup coconut
  • Green food colouring
  • Yellow & Red tube frosting
  • Optional decorative sticks
  • cupcake wrappers

Step 1. Prepare batter & bake cupcakes, if the goal is 12 cupcakes burgers you need 3-6 chocolate and 12 vanilla.

Step 2.  While the vanilla are still hot roll the top of the cupcake in a plate of sesame seeds

Step 3.  Let cool

Step 4. Cut the vanilla into 2 pieces, and chocolate into 2-3 pieces depending on the size

Step 5.  Mix 1/2 a cup of coconut with green food dye to make relish

Step 6.  Using prepackaged tubes of frosting for the ketchup & mustard, or a piping bag and coloured frosting, stick the coconut relish to the top of the bottom bun with either ketchup or mustard.  You could also use white frosting if you like mayo on your burger.  Drizzle a little ketchup or mustard on the edges for fun.  Put the burger on the bottom bun.

Step 7.  Using the alternate condiment put the top of the burger on the bun, again drizzling a little on the edges.    Stick a decorative stick in the top if you wish.  ENJOY.

Have a great weekend!

burger 1







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