Hey, Are You Guys Sisters?

Brain 5This past summer I was able to spend some time with my youngest sister. She lives in Ontario and I live in BC, if you are not a geography buff that is about 4,300 km apart. Not exactly close enough to pop by for tea and thus we only see each other once a year. Over the past few years when we have had our yearly visits we haven’t been out much. With 4 young kids between us we weren’t exactly hitting the town. While we were visiting this summer we were able to escape the kids for a few hours.

In the morning we did paddle board yoga and the instructor affectionately called us the sisters. I also think that she couldn’t remember which one of us was Sarah and which one was Erin. For those that know us well, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that we spent the afternoon at a beer festival. While we were ordering food the lovely lady working the cupcake food truck (sounds like us) said “hey, are you guys sisters?” and there must have been a stupid look on my face. Or my regular look because she promptly apologized and said “sorry you must get that all the time.” Well actually we don’t get that all the time. I can’t remember the last time that a stranger asked if we were sisters. It makes me sad that it doesn’t happen more often.

I wish that I was with my sister today to celebrate her 35th birthday because I can almost guarantee that it will include beer and cupcakes! Cheers to you sista.

Brain 3

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